I ordered a hitch for my car and the parts bag was unopened but missing to critical parts. I called and they were happy to ship the parts that were missing but could not ship to a PO BOx (my billing address).

I never recived the parts. When I called back, they told me that the parts were shipped to my residence. I never received the parts. They are sending out more parts but to my PO BOX.

This is where the first parts were shipped to but nobody at etrailer knew where my parts were shipped to. I was so frustrated and they made it seem that this was my fault. It took a total of 25 days from order until I was finally able to install the hitch. What a nightmare.

Please do not use etrailer...There are more places out there with better service.

Etrailer has a C rating with the BBB in Missouri. Sorry for the rambling but I am still pissed!

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You wanted it shipped to a post office box? Douche, did you not realize that UPS does NOT have the access to them?

I call you out on this one. You deserve what you got.

to Duncan Herndon, Virginia, United States #657068

Nice Duncan - you must work for etrialer because that is the level of customer service they seem to exhibit after the sale.

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