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I had ordered three trailer hitches for three of my trucks. I had put my 2002 Chevy in the search criteria and ordered the hitches based on the fact that the trucks were later model trucks, i.e., 2001 and a 2008 included.

Three days later I tried to find out when they would arrive to no avail so, I checked the Q&A section on the hitches to find out any information and found out that there were not just early and later model parts but, by specific year. So, I went to my paypal account and noticed the parts ordered was to a 2007-2013 model year truck. This would only work for my 2008 and not the 2001 or 2002 trucks. Well, so I called and talked to some kid that didn't understand what happened and after several minutes he told me to expect an email with return instructions.

Reading the email I found out that I had to pay for shipping too and from when this was their mistake. Clearly would not and will not recommend anyone doing business with them.

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