I have dealt with e trailer for a long time and they have been great. These people that complain would do so if their ice cream was too cold.

Get a life no one is perfect The only person I know that was perfect was crucified. Damaged goods are the responsibility of the carrier. Not e trailer. You need to wake up.

The deliver company damaged your order not the person your ordered it through.

My invoices have always been correct. If I have a question about what I am ordering they have always checked to make sure that the item is exactly what I am looking for.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #792966

:cry i just don't know how you can say a bad thing about etrailer they saved my baby from a burning building. LOL :grin and shipped me baskets of flowers on my birth day :cry i love them so much......

ohh wait im not an etrailer employe i forgot. You suck etrailer :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :grin

Pickering, Ontario, Canada #789213

Yea they have employees monitoring this sight to counter

all of the complaints with *** morons "I got all my truck

parts for my grandsons toy FORD truck and it fit too" So how does that help some one that paid $500 for a product and they send the wrong one and now you the customer are told to pay shipping twice.

But that's ok because DUMB and DUMBER got their toy FORD truck part.

The only thing that keeps me from loosing it is that Team Canada

won the gold meddles in both men's and women's Hockey. All is well in the universe.

Sorry Phil James van Riemsdyk A Toronto maple leafs fan I was hoping you would win the bronze or silver or even Gold if Canada lost but It was probably such a heart breaker loosing to Canada ( and I think USA was the team to beat in Sochi) but never count out the Canadian women's hockey team.

The USA beat them all year but like always the last 4 Olympics team Canada's women team were unstoppable. Down 2 goals with 3min 45 sec left in the third Jenner scores and with the goalie out Marie-Philip Poulin scores at 19:05 with 55 seconds left in the third period in overtime after wickehiyzer was pulled down on a breakaway .team USA gets a penalty and Canada goes on the power play 4 on 3 and Marie-Philip Poulin scores the golden goal.

Pickering, Ontario, Canada #789158

I filled out a form for 2 hitches had the charges calculated $16.95

international shipping and after I paid the price jumped to $175.98

more than the hitch I was buying . They show you a price with all tax included and shipping in the states is free with over $150.00 order . Then he said the $175.00 charge was to ship from their

Ontario warehouse where they had stock of what I was buying .

So Free shipping in USA 150$ and $175.00 to ship to me from

1hr away.Rip off


Going on 17 days now and item still hasn't shipped. : (

Not sure I will order again from them.


The positive comments are probably employees

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