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Where to start. I went to Etrailer and put in 2004 Toyota Rav4.

I saw a 22" , 19" combo for $15 and some change. I clicked on that and added it to cart, took a screenshot, and checked out. I finally received the package and pull out two 26" wipers. I immediately looked at an email they sent me that said ordered placed for two 22" wipers.

I was thinking, how can that be? My screenshot shows exactly what I ordered. I am thinking glitch in system that when you hit a code it actually goes to another product. It's like looking through google and seeing a pair of boots.

When you open the page it's something entirely different. Well that's what seems to have happened. I email the company and tell them exactly what happened. I send an attachment of the screenshot.

I get a response that their system shows that I ordered two of the 22" wipers and sends me a link of what I should have ordered. I opened the link and it's wipers for a Hybrid. I email back and tell them that is for a Hybrid. I get another response that says, I only sent you that link to show you what you ordered, and they send another link.

I open this link and it's a combo but it's for $30. I email back and say 1). You told me first, this is what I should have ordered and I tell you that you sent me a link for a Hybrid, Then you send me another link saying you only sent me that link to say that is what I did order so which one is it? 2.) I then tell them they did not acknowledge that I sent a screenshot and that you didn't even send me what you claim I ordered.

You sent me two 26" wipers. Then I get a response saying the link was just different options to choose from. (WHAT?) and that they never got an attachment. (REALLY?

what email are you responding too? (You can't respond to an email and say you didn't receive it. It's in the email you are responding too.) So now they know about sending me two 26" wipers but tell me I am responsible for returning them because they have no control over if the system makes a mistake and sends out the wrong product. I went through PayPal.

Called them after tired of dealing with these scammers. I got my money back right away. Now get this. Wait for it...I get an email today saying," George J Reply| Today, 1:02 PM You Good afternoon Debra, I wanted to let you know that I recently got information your package was delivered.

I have put together a page for you to get additional information and write reviews. We would be extremely grateful if you would write a review to let others know what you thought about our products. Because an important part of providing great information is listening to feedback from customers. Well there you go.

That is my feedback/Review. Not on the 22" because you see, I never received them. There is my screenshot. This is what I ordered.

This is what they charged me for. If it was the two 22" ones, why didn't they charge me for those? See doesn't make any sense. So Rebecca, not sure what her title is saw my review and wanted to make things right.

So I thought. She asked for the pictures of what I recieved. (Finally someone asked) I sent them to her. You would think now she would apologize for everyone messing up.

Nope she said well I'm sure so and so didn't intend to miss the part where you told her you received 26" blades and not what you ordered. She gave me two options. She will give me a return label and I can return the blades and get a PayPal credit or she can just send me out the blades I need. Great, I choose new blades because that's what I need.

Shen then replies okay we will ship out new blades, and please return the wrong ones back. You have 14 days once you receive the label. She just went back on what she said. What happened to Either/Or?

and still no apology! Unbelievable. I even told her that she doesn't admit anything. I just want someone to admit they messed up.

I told it was an insult and she still tried to cover up by saying I apologize, I did not mean to upset you. Still did not admit they messed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etrailer Shipping Service.

Reason of review: poor customer service, wrong item delivered, not as described, really bad customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: I want the company to admit they all messed up!.

I didn't like: Lack of customer response, Worst company that i had to deal, Fact that delivery has not happened, Customer service, Cant admit to their mistake no communication transparent lying.

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I finally received the wipers. Still no apology.

I received an email saying, I see your wipers were delivered today. do you mind giving us a good feedback or 5 star...

something to that effect. HA!

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